About me

Hello world! I am Myrthe Reuver, a PhD candidate at the CLTL (Computational Lexicology & Terminology Lab) at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU). My research is about news recommender systems and specifically: diversity in news recommender systems. I intend to use Natural Language Processing techniques, such as language models, to automatically measure diversity. I’m supervised by dr. Antske Fokkens (also connected to CLTL) and dr. Suzan Verberne (connected to LIACS at Leiden University).

As a master’s student I specialized in Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, and Machine Learning. I completed the Research Master’s programme “Linguistics and Communication Sciences” at Radboud University in Nijmegen and the MSc programme “Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence” at Tilburg University in Tilburg. You can download my full CV here.

From December 2019 to September 2020, I wrote two master thesis projects on Natural Language Processing with clinical text at software company Topicus in Deventer. For my MSc degree, I researched how a language model and machine learning approach could be used to improve a keyword-scanning complaint classifier currently used in emergency GP centers. For my ResMA degree, I researched how a weakly supervised paradigm together with a transfer learning approach could be used for smoking status classification of EMRs (Electronic Medical Records).

During my master’s programme, I was founder and editor-in-chief of Radboud’s student linguistics journal RU:ts, an open-access journal where students are authors, reviewers, and the editorial board. Our first edition is out on the website and in print, and we have a second edition in the pipeline for 2020/2021!

I also completed a research internship at the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam, concerning text classification with cultural texts (specifically: urban legends). This internship led to a conference presentation at DHBenelux 2019 in september 2019, a popular science article in Dutch in the online journal Vertelcultuur, an interactive demo of my model, and a poster presentation at CLIN30 (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands) in january 2020. I also worked as a Teaching Assistant at Radboud, teaching the seminars for the bachelor course “Information Science”.

I hope to continue doing interesting research in the future, where my interests lie in complex but also practically applicable NLP and text-mining research!

Want to know more about any of my current or past projects? Ask me through email or Twitter. I’m always interested in new ideas or opportunities, so please contact me if you have any!