About me

Hello world! ⚡ I am Myrthe Reuver, a PhD candidate at the Computational Linguistics and Text Mining Lab (CLTL) at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU). My research is about news recommender systems and specifically: diversity in news recommender systems. I intend to use Natural Language Processing techniques, such as language models, to automatically measure diversity. I’m supervised by prof. dr. Antske Fokkens (also connected to CLTL) and dr. Suzan Verberne (connected to LIACS at Leiden University).

As a master’s student I specialized in Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, and Machine Learning. I completed the Research Master’s programme “Linguistics and Communication Sciences” (cum laude + with Honours) at Radboud University in Nijmegen and the MSc programme “Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence” (with distinction) at Tilburg University in Tilburg. I wrote two master’s theses on clinical NLP at software company Topicus, was a proud co-founder and editor-in-chief of Radboud’s student linguistics journal RU:ts, and also enjoy teaching: I was TA on Information Science during my MA and have taught ‘Programming in Python’ as well as a research seminar on Argument Mining during my PhD. You can download my full CV here.

I hope to continue doing interesting research in the future, where my interests lie in societally and scientifically responsible NLP in complex domains! Want to know more about any of my current or past projects? Ask me through email or Twitter. I’m always interested in new ideas or opportunities, so please contact me if you have any! 😁


24 Feb 2023 Invited for a short talk, “Cross-topic Stances and How to Find Them (in the News)”, at the Univeristy of Groningen, with also talks by fellow Argument Miners at CLTL!

6 to 8 Feb 2023 Participated in the 2023 HPLT winter school on Large-Scale Language Modeling in Norway, and wrote a blog post about my personal highlights.

11 Jan 2023 Interdisciplinary work-in-progress “Argument Mining to Analyze Reasons for (a Lack of) Trust in Sustainable Initiatives” (with Ana Isabel Lopes (communication science) and student Alessandra Polimeno (CLTL)) got accepted for a talk at at ICA23 in May 2023.

21 - 25 November 2022 Invited participant to Lorentz workshop week “Diverse News Recommenders: from concept to implementation”, where I gave a talk on my own and master student Alessandra Polimeno’s work, and participated in implementing NLP for diversity in news recommendation.

24 November 2022 Gave a talk at the Open Science Coffee Leiden on Preregistration in NLP. I shared some of my own recent experiences and discussed preregistration with researchers from other disciplines.

18 October 2022 Invited for a talk at the VU Network Institute Lunch Talk on my recently funded interdisciplinary project “Argument Mining to Analyze Reasons for online (Dis)Trust in Sustainable Initiatives”.

Sept/Oct 2022 Teaching: taught the course Research Seminar on Argument Mining in the ReMa Human Language Technology at the Free University of Amsterdam, and gave a guest lecture on stance detection in the Text Mining course (part of the MSc Computer Science) at Leiden University.

12 August 2022. We (a team of CLTL PhDs) won 🥇 the shared task of the 9th Argument Mining Workshop at COLING 2022. We combined inter-task-training on NLI, contrastive learning, & prompting for Argument Novelty and Validity prediction. Our paper was also published in the Proceedings.

8 - 19 August 2022. Attended the ESSLLI summer school in Galway, Ireland in the summer of 2022, where I followed courses on Argument Mining, Language Resource Development, and Vector-Based Semantics.

1 July 2022. Gave an invited talk at the MilaNLP Lab at Bocconi University (Milan), where I talked about my interdisciplinary research of the past two years into viewpoint diversity in news recommendation. It was a lot of fun, with a great follow-up discussion! See my slides here.

June 2022. Following the SIKS “Responsible AI” course, which had a roleplaying game where we pretended to be different stakeholders for AI used for automatic resume scanning in hiring, after an ableist hiring incident. My role: the HR department. :-)

13 June 2022. Received small grant (with dr. Ana Lopes from the Department of Social Science @ VU) for our interdisciplinary project “Reasons for online (dis)trust in sustainable initiatives” - financed by the Interdisciplinarity in the Digital Society VU grant.

May 2022 Gave an interview to the Dutch computer magazine Computer Idee, about my problems with the credit scoring algorithm of the National Railway (NS) and also my research project on diversity in news recommendation.