Talks and presentations

Invited Talks

Myrthe Reuver. 7 April 2021. “Hackathons, Shared Tasks, and Papers: Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity with Data on Complex Problems”. Free University of Amsterdam, University Library Data Conversations (Online). video | slides

Conference Talks (without paper)

Myrthe Reuver, Iris Hendrickx, Jeroen Kuijpers. 9 July 2021. “Smoking Status Detection with a Pre-Trained Transformer and Weak Supervision in Dutch Electronic Patient Files.” Computational Linguistics in the Netherlandsa (CLIN) 31 (Online). slides

Myrthe Reuver. 24 October 2019. “Making the Computer Understand Urban Legend Types (And Making Humans Understand the Computer).” Moving Humanities Graduate Conference, Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands). slides

Myrthe Reuver. 13 September 2019. “Amputation or Accident? Classifying Dutch Urban Legends into Story Types with a Hierarchical Classifier.” Digtal Humanities Benelux 2019, University of Liege (Belgium). abstract

Myrthe Reuver. 13 April 2019. “Whose Gender is It? Possessive Pronoun Errors by Portuguese L2 speakers of English.” 13th TWIST Student Conference in Linguistics, Leiden University (Netherlands). slides

Myrthe Reuver. 24 November 2017. “First-Person Visibility: Ælfric’s Pronouns in his Prefaces.” StuTs Student Linguistics Conference, Radboud University Nijmegen. (Netherlands). slides

Conference Posters (without paper)

Myrthe Reuver, Suzan Verberne, Roser Morante and Antske Fokkens. 9 July 2021. “Viewpoints in the news: claim detection for diverse news recommendation.” Computational Linguistics in the Netherlandsa (CLIN) 31 (Online). poster

Myrthe Reuver. 30 January 2020. “How Similar are Poodles in the Microwave?” CLIN (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands) 30, Utrecht (Netherlands). poster

Guest Lectures

Myrthe Reuver. 25 November 2020. “Finding the Smoke Signal: Smoking Status Extraction & Classification.” MA Course “Text Mining”, Radboud University Nijmegen (Online). slides

Myrthe Reuver. 19 November 2021. “The Road to my PhD: Full of Tips & Tricks?” ReMA course “Humanities research career preparation”, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. slides