Talks and presentations

Finding the Smoke Signal: Smoking Status Extraction & Classification

November 25, 2020

Talk, MA Course 'Text Mining', Radboud University, Nijmegen

I was invited by course instructors (prof. dr. Martha Larson & dr. Iris Hendrickx) to talk in the MA/MSc “Text Mining” course in the MSc Data Science and the ResMA Linguistics. My talk was about my ResMA thesis on smoking status classification in EMRs (done at IT company Topicus). Note: I have given very similar talks at both my thesis company (Topicus) and during my (online) thesis defense. Slides can be found here.

Amputation or Accident? Classifying Dutch Urban Legends into Story Types with a Hierarchical Classifier

September 13, 2019

Talk, Digital Humanities BeNeLux 2019, University of Liege, Liege

This was my first peer-reviewed abstract, which I wrote on my internship project at the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam on the classification of urban legends. The Digital Humanities conference in Liège was a nice conclusion to my research internship. The published extended abstract of my research project can be read here.

First-Person Visibility: Ælfrics Pronouns in his Prefaces

November 24, 2017

Talk, StuTs Student Linguistics Conference, Radboud University, Nijmegen

A talk on my project for the BA Honours programme, a Text Mining project on the works by 10th century Old English author Ælfric, presented at student conference StuTs.