News archive

17 June 2022. Presented the poster “Beyond Gun Control: Creating a Dutch Stance Dataset for Diversity in News Recommendation” from my abstract on current work on a Dutch Political Stance dataset (shared work with Social Science colleagues at the VU, among them Kasper Welbers) at Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN32).

June 2022. Followed the SIKS “Responsible AI” course, which had a roleplaying game where we pretended to be different stakeholders for AI used for automatic resume scanning in hiring, after an ableist hiring incident. My role: the HR department. :-)

13 June 2022. Received small grant (with dr. Ana Lopes from the Department of Social Science @ VU) for our interdisciplinary project “Reasons for online (dis)trust in sustainable initiatives” - financed by the Interdisciplinarity in the Digital Society VU grant. –>

18 Feb 2022. Presented this poster - of my previously published paper on NLP in news rec - at the Network Institute’s event on interdisciplinarity in the Digital Society. Paper was joint work with the project group Rethinking News Algorithms. Also, I networked at this network event! :-)

17 Feb 2022. Participated in the CCS.Amsterdam Workshop on Code Quality.

18 Jan 2022. Interview in Dutch national newspaper Trouw about my problems with a credit check algorithm of the Dutch National Railway company (NS) - a topic related to ethics in data science/AI and thus something I care deeply about.

17 Jan 2022. Published a book summary and review of the book “Linguistics for the Age of AI” in the LINGUIST List. My conclusion: Interesting, but may miss info for its intended audience(s).

10 Nov 2021. Presented my paper “Is Stance Detection Topic-Independent and Cross-topic Generalizable? – A Reproduction Study”, a systematic and careful reproduction and assessment of cross-topic stance detection, at the Argument Mining Workshop at EMNLP, on-site in the Dominican Republic!

4 Nov 2021. Participated in an excellent workshop on supervising students by the Forum of Young Scientists - and learned a lot about supervision and communication in supervision!

2 Nov 2021. Spoke about my MA thesis work on weak supervision for smoking status detection at the 2nd Dutch meeting on Clinical NLP at Radboud University, Nijmegen.

29 Oct 2021 Our project team on diversity in news recommendation organized a workshop for stakeholders (News organizations and policy makers) at the University of Amsterdam..

27 Sept 2021 - 1 Oct 2021. On-Site Student Volunteer at RecSys2021, a hybrid conference in Amsterdam. I made new connections, saw some collaborators in 3D for the first time, and often tweeted relevant or interesting talks.

16 Sept 2021. Published my first blog post, about my one-year anniversary as a PhD Candidate and 5 things I learned in my first year!

25 Aug, 2021. Participated in the Summer Seminar on Research Integrity organized by the Netherlands Research Integrity Network. Live-tweeted.

5 Aug, 2021. Presented our project agenda paper at the workshop on NLP for Positive Impact, co-located at ACL-IJCNLP 2021 (Online)

9 July, 2021. Presented two talks at CLIN31 (Online) (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands): an oral talk on my ReMA thesis on smoking status in clinical files and one poster on “Viewpoints in the news: claim detection for diverse news recommendation.”