Brinkeys Tool

Published in KB Lab (Dutch National Library), 2019

ICT with Industry is a full-time research week where researchers in IT work with industry partners on current, practical research questions, in the Lorentz Centre in Leiden. I participated with the team for the KB (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Dutch National Library). The project resulted in a demo, and a white paper. I also made an NWO vlog about the project. I participated in brainstorming and ideas with the entire team, and was also responsible for baseline 2: keyword matching with titles, which led to surprising results.
“The KB offered a use case to the ICT with Industry Workshop 2019 focusing on the research question: “To what extent can scientific texts automatically be labeled with relevant keywords?” The goal was to automatically suggest keywords from the Dutch Brinkman thesaurus (‘Brinkeys’) to PhD dissertations from six Dutch universities.”
Read more about the project here
citation: ‘Brandsen, A., Kleppe, M., Veldhoen, S., Zijdeman, R., Huurman, H., Vos, H. De, Goes, K., Huang, L., Kim, A., Mesbah, S., Reuver, M., Wang, S., Hendrickx, I. (2019). "Brinkeys.." KB Lab:The Hague, the Netherlands.’